Vista Brewing | Desert Skies

When was the last time you drank something completely new? Was it the first time you braved a beer with “milkshake” on the can? The first time you confused an IPA for a glass of juice? A beer-infused with CBD and smelling like a college dorm room? Vista Brewing in Driftwood, Texas, has achieved the rare privilege of making a beer that has a unique spin on an established method. The first-ever beer aged in sotol barrels.

Craft beer is an ever-evolving industry always looking for the next big thing. In the quest to make the first beer of its kind, brewers have experimented with a wide range of ingredients from beard yeast to Peeps. Perhaps a better way than finding the most bizarre concoction is to look locally for the rare and artisanal. Vista Brewing owners Karen and Kent Killough barely had to step off of their beautiful grounds to collaborate with neighbors Desert Door Distilling.

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