Brewery Dreams

Mindful, Sustainable Architecture in the Texas Hill Country

We are proud to partner with the brewery architecture experts at OPA Design Studio. Stephen kindly shares his insight on the Vista design process with us in this guest story. Stephen Oliver AIA, OPA Design Studio, Principal In the language of architecture, the context of a place refers to the spaces that surround a building and how a building or buildings help define a space. It is the sum of a range of factors — solar orientation, slope, predominant breezes, shade, views — and is shaped by existing features such as trees, buildings, and access routes. An Architect can use a [...]
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Keeping the Bees: A Family Legacy

Growing up, one of our founders, Karen, watched her grandfather keep bees on their family cattle farm in Virginia and sell honey and beeswax candles at the local farmer’s market. She had not been up close and personal with a beehive in many years, and was excited about learning a new hobby as a part of building Vista. Karen read beekeeping books cover to cover and took several classes at the Sustainable Food Center with the knowledgeable local beekeeper extraordinaire Tara from Two Hives Honey. It was in the “Hive Inspection 101” class, where she held a buzzing frame, that Karen [...]
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