What is a destination brewery?


A place where you can relax with family and friends for an hour, an afternoon or days on end. A place so rich with experiences that it inspires you to enjoy life more fully and to connect with the beautiful world around you.

Vista Farm Layout Spring 2018

A big part of the vision for Vista is rooted in agriculture. We are restoring part of our pasture, grazed over the past 50 years, to farmland once again. If you look at satellite imagery of Vista, you can still see the berms and swales from the original farmers, which we plan to utilize once again in our sustainable farming practices.

We are planting a fruit orchard, annual & perennial vegetables plots, herbs and berry patches to supply our restaurant and unique beer recipes. Our 16-hive apiary pollinates our fruit and wildflowers and supplies our plates and glasses with delicious honey. Before long, laying chickens will become a part of the system.

A robust compost program completes the cycle – from farm to table, and from table back to farm.

We’re planning a series of eco-friendly cottages where you can truly immerse yourself in the Hill Country. Slow down and put your feet up, enjoy a meal at sunset before strolling back to your hotel room tucked under the tree canopies.

Stay tuned for details on our construction timeline.

Share a slice of the Hill Country with your guests at your next birthday, wedding or corporate offsite.  The opportunities for creative and unique events are endless, both indoors and out.  Seasonal, chef-driven onsite catering sources from our own farm. We strive to develop completely custom event experiences that will make delightful memories for you and your guests.  Learn more here.

Vista has a little bit of something for everyone. Children have space to roam and enjoy our treehouse-like play area. “Outdoor rooms” under the motts of oaks are dotted around the beer garden, giving your group – or you and your sweetheart – as big or as small an area as you’d like.

The “destination brewery” of course revolves around the world-class brews and food we are sharing with you.  Plain and simple, we strive to make everyone feel welcome and have a super enjoyable experience centered around perfectly paired food, beverage, service and environment.