Preserving the Sentries of the Texas Hill Country

Trees make the oxygen in the air we breathe, build the topsoil beneath our feet and create cool shade in the Texas summer.  Some of them have been around since before your great- great- grandparents were born.  We are fortunate at Vista to have hundreds of these amazing sentries standing watch over our beer garden, walking paths and dreaming spaces.

There were originally 657 large oak, elm and juniper trees on the Vista property.  We measured, marked and cataloged each and every one of them during the design process. After building a 5,000-square foot brewery, 2,500 square foot tasting room, 4,000 square foot restaurant and kitchen space, and all our roads and parking, there are still 641 of those original trees – including 22 heritage trees.  We actually named two of our beautiful oaks after our architect principals to ensure we didn’t lose those trees during design or construction.  After all, nobody wants to kill Steve or Duke! You can see the plaques in their honor in the beer garden today.

Only sixteen trees had to be cut down for construction.

Eight elms were made into the benches in the tasting room, four live oaks were built into the family playscape, and every usable piece of the remaining wood was fashioned into serving boards, coasters and planters around the Vista property.

We planted at least two trees on our land for every tree we cut down.  One of those new plantings is a sapling descendent of the legendary Treaty Oak under which the “Father of Texas” Stephen F. Austin signed the boundary treaty with the Comanche in the 1830s that allowed Texas settlers to safely live south of the Colorado River (including Driftwood, but that is another story).

When you park your car in the shade, stroll along our many shaded paths, sit under the outstretched arms of one of Vista’s hundreds of beautiful trees and sip a finely crafted beer, you will understand why we worked so painstakingly hard to preserve these Texas treasures.

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