The Derailers

The Derailers

The Derailers were founded in 1993 in Austin Texas by Brian Hofeldt and Tony Villanueva. Over those 25+ years, the band has released eight studio albums, two live records, one retrospective collection and has been a part of numerous compilations and other recording projects.

The Derailers have been featured on the stages of The Grand Ole Opry, A Prairie Home Companion, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and the US President’s Inaugural Ball. The band performed at their friend Buck Owens’ 70th birthday party at Owens’ personal request. A Derailers song was played back to Earth from the first iPod taken into outer space by astronaut Dr. Stephen K. Robinson. They also appear as characters in two Stephen King stories.

The Derailers have toured many times across the United States, Europe, and Japan, but they are always happy to return home to Austin and their “natural habitat” the Broken Spoke.
Of their 25 years as one of the hardest working bands in country music, founder Brian Hofeldt says “We’re just warming up!”

Sour Bridges

Sour Bridges is the finest blend of hand clapping, foot stomping Browngrass (it’s like Bluegrass, just a little dirtier!) that Austin has to offer.

Will Dupuy & Friends

Join us to hear the newest project from Austin musician Will Dupuy, aka Mr. Will.  Country, bluegrass, and funk music from the heart of Texas.

Light Horse Harry

Light Horse Harry is an upbeat country-roots group. They’ve been named artist of the month by Austin Music Foundation, and have been featured on KUTX song of the day.

The Lost Pines

With a knack for balancing old with new, fiery picking with soulful vocals and respect for tradition with an eye towards the future, bluegrass band the Lost Pines create music that is both timely and timeless.

Hot Texas Swing Band

With one boot in Cowboy music and the other in Swing, the Hot Texas Swing Band pushes the genre forward with Rockabilly, Latin beats and original material for high-energy shows that have critics and fans raving.

Padre Paul Handelman

Paul “The Padre” Handelman’s songwriting and lyrics are doused in imagery and work tirelessly to tell the stories he yearns to share through his music, a blend of Americana, Folk, and Country grit.