We offer kegs of our draft beers to-go in both 15.5 gallon (1/2 barrel) or 5.15 gallon (1/6 barrel) kegs. These are available for pickup from the brewery in Driftwood each Saturday from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Shoot us an email with your preferred beers, keg size, phone number and pickup date.  We’ll give you a call to confirm that beer is available.

Reservation & Pickup Process 

  • Keg reservations must be placed by email, in person in the Tasting Room or by calling us at 512.766.1842.  
  • Our current product offering and pricing is shown below. We cannot guarantee availability until we receive and confirm your reservation.  
  • Reservations must be made by Thursday at 5:00pm in order to be filled for Saturday pickup.  
  • Pickup is available each Saturday between 11am and 2pm.  Just visit any team member in the Tasting Room to pay for your beer and the deposit, and then we’ll grab your keg and help load it.  
  • ADAIR — Kölsch (4.5%) — $100 5gal / $200 15gal
  • DARK SKIES — Black Pilsner (4.9% abv) — $100 5gal / $200 15gal
  • HENSEL — Helles Lager (5.0% abv) — $100.00 5gal  /  $200 15gal
  • DESTINATION — American IPA (6.5% abv) — $100.00 5gal  /  $200 15gal
  • HYDE PARK — ESB (5.5% abv) — $100 5gal  /  $200 15gal
  • LE SAISON — Farmhouse Ale (6.6% abv) — $125 5gal  /  $225 15gal
  • MIDDLE TRINITY — Belgian-style Tripel (8.5% abv) — $125 5gal  /  $225 15gal
  • DREAMWEAVER — Braggot (7.0% abv) — $100 5gal / $200 15gal
  • LAISSEZ FAIRE — Barrel-aged Brett Ale (6.5% abv) — $150 5gal


  • We do not offer tapping or pouring equipment for rent or purchase.  You will be responsible for supplying your own kegerator or direct keg taps and ice.   All of our kegs use standard American Sankey taps.
  • 5.15 gallons = 55 x 12oz pours
  • 15.5 gallon = 165 x 12oz pours


  • A refundable deposit of $50 will be added to each transaction and reimbursed upon return of the empty keg shell. Empty shells may be returned anytime during operational hours (Thurs-Sat 11am-10pm and Sunday 11am-8pm). 
  • Keg shells not returned in 120 days will automatically incur the deposit at which time it is non-refundable. Returns of damaged kegs, painted kegs, stickered kegs, etc.  will not receive their deposit back.

Fine Print

This online form is only for your keg reservation only. No payment is taken at this time. When you arrive to pick up your keg on Saturday, you’ll pay for the beer and keg deposit in the Vista Tasting Room by cash or credit card.  

  • You must be 21 to purchase and pickup beer.
  • We will not fill private individual’s empty keg shells.  We will only fill Vista-owned keg shells.
  • Sorry, no refunds or exchanges on keg purchases