Follow our journey as we make progress on our dream project!

BEER 80%
FOOD 75%
FARM 20%

January 2018

Brewery Building Finishing Touches

Both buildings are coming right along in January, with final finishing touches…wood, paint, windows and doors!

Smooth Transition

No more bump as we drive in!  We are now officially connected to FM150 with our TXDOT approved turn lane.

Sparks Flying

Local duo KKDW is custom welding in doors and windows.  Love seeing those sparks fly!

Bar Area Shaping Up…

…with our diamond-shaped tile!  Steel and wood, with plenty of space to move around.

The Cold Room is Cold

We’re ready to store some brews in these tanks, before the beer travels underground to the Tasting Room tap wall.

16 Taps Installed!

Kent gets in a bit of beer-pouring practice on our newly installed draft system.

Special Delivery

A very special delivery indeed, from yeast supplier White Labs.  This little package will make many delicious brews!

Safety First

Our wonderful GC, Rand Construction, overseeing the install of our 40,000 gallon fire water tank.

It’s all about the Details

Check out that diamond detail on our awning attachment.

December 2017

Tank Farm

We received our first round of tanks this month – Hot & cold liquor and serving tanks.  Until the brewery is ready, we’ll grow our own tank farm.

Friends & Family Gather

We hosted the very first of many beer & food pairing events inside our Tasting Room with our Brewmaster Josh and Chef Andrew collaborating on a beautiful three course tasting.

Winter Wonderland

Several inches of snow overnight turned our construction site into a beautiful scene.  That is, until the sun peeked out and temperatures climbed!

Brewery Floor Goes Green

Epoxy coating goes down in the wet areas of the brewery, under brewhouse and fermenters.

Quality Control Inspection

Our three littlest consultants visited to do a quick check on the cold room.  Serving tanks will eventually stand in this very spot.

Brewhouse Delivered!

The day we’ve been waiting for: our 20BBL brewhouse delivered from Criveller Company in Canada.

First Exterior Finishes Up

Both buildings are close to closed in, and we’re excited to see the reclaimed wood siding installed on the exterior of the Tasting Room!

Pugs on Guard

These two love running through the tall grass, sniffing every. single. thing.  They were worn out after our hike around the property and took a rest in the beergarden.

Decisions, Decisions

Who knew choosing shades of gray would be so difficult?!   We’re keeping the exterior and interiors pretty neutral to let the natural surroundings take center stage.

Brewhouse Connected!

Josh was super busy this month getting the brewhouse set, installed and everything connected!

November 2017

An Heirloom Planting

We’re planting two trees for every one that we had to cut down, and this one is pretty special.  A descendant of the famous Treaty Oak in downtown Austin.  the Ladybird Wildflower Center grew these from its acorns!

Fast Frame

We’ve never seen anything like how fast these framers worked!  One day, there was a blank slab.  A few days later, you could see the shape in 3D that we had been seeing on paper for so long!

Here Comes the Crane

The steel brewery production building is starting to go up, and that crane operator has surgeon’s precision!  He guided this puzzle around the tree canopies with ease.

The Best Entertainment

Our twins were mesmerized by the giant crane (and also love the picnic table just their size)!

Tasting Room Taking Shape

Here we are sitting in the Tasting Room on the two stairs leading down to the private event room.  Really starting to feel alive in here!

Check out that Bar

It’s exciting to stand behind our bar for the first time!  Even if it’s just rough framing, we can envision serving customers here!

A Skeleton Brewery

After the cranes went home, and before the roof went on, we paused to enjoy a beer in the future brewing space.

10 Foot Tall Doors…

…are really big!  When looking at our plans, I don’t think we realized how big these really are.  Excited about letting in so much natural light!

Team Meeting with a View

Our restaurant team checking out the space, with a view out the 16ft wide pasture window.

A Family Legacy

Kent planted the first figs and loquats in our orchard, with a “little help” from our two sons.  We can just see them visiting these trees with their own children.

October 2017

Dig, Dig, Dig

October was all about prepping to pour concrete.  We dug a deep trench for our 10″ beer line conduit which runs from the cold room (in the Brewery) to the Tasting Room tap wall.

The Corner Office

Sometimes, we have take care of business.  Send some emails. Do some planning.  We like working towards the back of the property, in the peaceful “corner office”.

Set to Pour

Both buildings getting all set to pour those slabs.  No turning back now!

Mount Vista

When we graded the roads and building pads, wee decided to keep all of that native topsoil instead of hauling it away.  Hence, Mt. Vista built be 100 dump trucks full of soil.

Hive Inspection Class

Our second beekeeping classes at Vista, a hands-on Hive Inspection class with Tara from Two Hives Honey.

Pour, Baby, Pour!

It was a family affair to watch the concrete pump truck!  Our four year old was in heaven.

Concrete, Day 2

It was an early start for the Brewery pour…4:00am to be exact!

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