Austin’s craft brew market is booming: Here are 5 breweries to try

For beer lovers, long holiday weekends can be an ideal time to visit Austin, Texas. Owing to Austin’s status as both a home for young professionals and an entrepreneurial city, the craft beer scene is booming, with new breweries and tasting rooms appearing on a regular basis.

With the summer in full swing after the July 4 holiday, pub-crawlers have a plethora of choices in and around Austin to sample high quality craft beer, including the following four relatively new establishments.

Vista Brewing: The beer, the view, the experience

Hidden away on several shady acres on Route 150 in Driftwood, Texas, Vista Brewing is not just a place to imbibe high-quality craft beers – it’s a destination. In addition to beer, Vista offers live music and a farm-to-table restaurant with produce grown on Vista’s onsite farm, orchard and apiary. Plans for an onsite hotel are also on the drawing board.

In the taproom, brewmaster Josh Watterson combines European brewing techniques with local Texas flavors and foraged ingredients. Offerings include Destination IPA, Le Saison Farmhouse Ale, Shallow Roots Table Bier, and Dark Skies Black Pilsner. The Collaboration Series focuses on women in brewing with an emphasis on local Texas artisans, while the Barrel Program offers beer with locally- sourced ingredients.