A Texas Snacker’s Guide to the Holidays

Relish the Laissez Faire Life

Laissez-faire economics might be a heavy subject these days, but the latest release from Vista Brewing’s brewmaster Josh Watterson – Laissez Faire Brett Ale – is light and bright, dry and delightful, with notes of pear and rose. It’s like champagne and craft beer had a lovechild, which obviously means if you bring some to share, you’ll forever be known as the very best holiday party guest. Conveniently for you, sweet starved-for-attention friend, right now it’s available at select Specs around town. And for the less social among us, feel free to give the gift of a Vista Member’s Club annual membership – a golden ticket to exclusive bottles and parties. The barrel program features limited-release Lambic-style and Brettanomyces beers made with Texas grains and fermented in freshly-emptied wine barrels from Central Texas wineries. There’s more than one way to mic drop.

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