Vista Farm & Grill - SPRING

With Vista’s nose to hoof and whole plant concept, Chef Stiver builds his menus around the bounty of fresh produce harvested from our onsite farm, orchard and apiary. Proteins are sourced from sustainably raised animals in Central Texas.

Foraged ingredients from the Vista property star in seasonal dishes. Anything we don’t serve fresh, we pickle and preserve. We compost our leftovers and food waste to reuse in our farm and landscaping. Chef Stiver works side by side with Vista’s Brewmaster and Farmer and our warm & knowledgeable staff will help guide your menu selections to pair dishes with the beer styles on tap.



Smoked Chicken Sandwich

Pulled, smoked chicken with arugula, red onion and honey mustard on a brioche bun. Served with kettle chips.

Grilled Chicken

Blue Earth Farm grilled chicken with honey coriander glaze.  Served with Gray Gardens roasted potatoes and green beans.

Ranger Cattle Beef Tacos

Caldera España Cheese, chipotle sauce and cilantro served on house-made tortillas.  Served with green garlic rice. Two tacos per order.



Vista Garden Salad

Lettuce and radish from Vista’s onsite farm, fresh peaches, chioggia beets, CKC Farms goat cheese with “Merriwether” Brett IPA vinaigrette.

Grilled Vista Squash

Grown in our onsite farm.  With Vista turnip puree and herb pesto.



Corn Bread

Made with Barton Springs Mill ground corn.  Served with honey butter.

Candied Texas Pecans

House roasted candied Texas pecans.



Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Classic grilled cheese sandwich on white bread. Served with kettle chips.

Fried Chicken Tenders

A classic for the kiddos, made with Blue Earth Farms chicken.  Served with kettle chips.

The heart of our beer garden service is a wood-fired grill with hot and cold smokers. We incorporate the aromas and flavors of Vista’s beer, and our dishes are designed to pair perfectly with what’s on tap.

Each week, our menu will have the same basic structure, and we’ll vary the specific offerings with the proteins and vegetables seasonally available and fresh in Central Texas. Craft your own casual meal or picnic experience with a mix of small plates and larger platters.

Root veggies

We are restoring part of our pasture, grazed over the past 50 years, to farmland once again. If you look at satellite imagery of Vista, you can still see the berms and swales from the original farmers, which we plan to utilize once again in our sustainable farming practices. We are planting a fruit orchard, annual & perennial vegetables plots, herbs and berry patches to supply our restaurant and unique beer recipes. Our 16-hive apiary pollinates our fruit and wildflowers and supplies our plates and glasses with delicious honey. Before long, laying chickens will become a part of the system. A robust compost program completes the cycle – from farm to table, and from table back to farm.

Kent at work
foraging wild berries
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